Pauline Young As an artist

Nestooitasiap, maoi amgoes nin pentatooaneg napooigigen, apsegilap na tojo, notjag, oesooatogol engatel ag penteoatogol elsitasi, ag telimit alasi ala eteg 

oapeg oigatigen sagangateg, ag migooitetem tan telnogep na pent, etel teoalgiag entojemjijg, gesatempa na.  Pana emset enpemsagiagamel ogonisgotegel, notjag penteooatasigel  ognapooigigen paseg, ag tan tegen gesgagal……na nineoel. 

Maoi oltasi gisgog teloai, ag nin gegonman napooigigen acrylictog, mimel ag  nosataganel, gagapitgel gigjo tan oelapemgag ag natalogoetag. 

                                                                ……..  na notjag Pelip Youngog

. . .

 I can remember my first painting, when I was a little girl my father had painted the bottoms of my feet then instructed me to walk on this white paper.  

I remember the feeling of the paint oozing through my toes.   I loved it. Most of my walls are covered with his artwork but something was missing…..my own. 

I am happy to say I have artwork in acrylics, oils and charcoal hanging next to my favorite artist. 

                                                …………  my father Phillip Young. 

“Wabanaki” Gallery On Queen Group Exhibition 2020

“I AM MI’KMAQ”, La Galerie ART Cadienne Solo Exhibition 2019

“Peace, Friendship, Culture” NB Indigenous Group Exhibition 2017

“Sharing Stories” Group Exhibition 2016

“Gelu’’lg Maw-a-paw” Group Exhibition 2015

“Tell Me A Story” Solo Exhibition 2015

Charlotte Street Arts Centre “Land” Group Exhibition 2013

“History of Sail” Group Exhibition Miramichi Art Core/Bathurst Art Society, 2013


Water Street Gallery Group Exhibition 2013

“PHILLIP YOUNG & PAULINE YOUNG”, La Galerie ART Cadienne 2012

Honouring The Spirit of Sagatay Group Exhibition, 2012

“Art Tells Stories” Group Exhibition Miramichi Art Core/Bathurst Art Society, 2012

Miramichi Art Core Gallery, Group Exhibition 2011, 2012

The Artist Kave Gallery, Group Exhibition 2011, 2012

Seaman’s Hospital Art Show, Group Exhibition, 2010, 2011

Morning Star Art/Framing, First Friday 2011

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